Bootstrapping and plotting 95% confidence bands: 'Causal Inference: What If' Causal Survival Analysis

In this post, I have a look inside the Chapter 17 on Causal Survival Analysis of the “Causal Inference: What If” book by M. Hernan and J. Robins. I explore IPTW fitting following the chapter’s narrative and use the machinery of the tidyverse throughout.

Migraine medication use in Danish and Swedish women

In this post I will explore the use of medications, which are indicated to stop migraine episodes or to prevent them. I will use publicly available aggregated data on prescribed medication in Denmark between 1996 and 2019.

Antidepressants use in Sweden

Data Several months have passed since I uploaded Swedish drug utilization data and the structure has changed since then. This time I will focus on antidepressants use in Sweden in more detail 🤓

Drug utilization in Sweden and Denmark

In this post (Part II), I will look into the Danish national trends on of sedatives, antidepressants, anti-psychotics and anxiolytics utilization in women. Then I’d like to compare Danish national trends with Swedish national trends from Part I.

Drug utilization in Sweden and Denmark

Nordic open access databases Nordic countries have databases with national aggregated data on, e.g. drug utilization, openly available. These databases are a great asset - you can investigate national trends for your curiosity or for research.